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School Achievement

Great teaching based on great assessment leads to great learning - this is the key to success for any child. At Sandcross, we assess children through observing their learning during activities, through talking to them, through marking their work and giving verbal feedback and through testing where appropriate. We expect all our children to strive to reach or exceed the levels expected nationally for their age and to make very good progress in every class. Progress is carefully monitored by teachers and senior leaders, enabling us to act quickly if any child falls behind in their learning.


We have a 'no ceilings' philosophy which means that we take children on in their learning as far and as fast as they can go, in relation to their personal starting point.


Children's achievement is assessed nationally in the Early Years Foundation Stage, Year 1 (Phonics only), in Year 2 and in Year 6, although we assess internally during and at the end of every year in every year group. Writing is assessed continuously - not just handwriting, but the style, structure, vocabulary and sense of audience being developed.


In 2015 – 2016, all pupils in maintained schools were working on a new National Curriculum and were assessed under a new set of guidelines. National Curriculum levels were abolished.  Expectations have been raised considerably for achievement by the end of both Key Stage 1 (Year 2) and Key Stage 2 (Year 6.) For this reason, achievement results for July 2016 can not be compared with achievement results for previous years. However, to give as clear a picture of school achievement as possible, we have provided links to achievement data for both assessment under the old curriculum ending July 2015 and assessment under the new beginning September 2015.


Please click below to see our results for 2013-2015 (old curriculum and old assessment framework)


Please click below to see our results for 2016 (new curriculum and new assessment framework) 


While, as a school, we recognise that education is about far more than test results and academic success, it is always pleasing to know that our children are achieving well.


 For an overview of some of our children’s wider achievements, please see below.

No school should be measured purely on academic results. At Sandcross, whilst we are proud of the academic standards we reach, we very much promote learning and performing across a wide range of areas. We always aim to ‘find excellence in everyone’ and if this is in the field of art, music, drama, sport or something completely different, then we look to embrace and encourage it. Here are some of the recent wider achievements of children at Sandcross Primary School:


Music and Drama

  • Winners of the adjudicators cup for large primary choirs at the Leith Hill music festival - March 2016
  • Winners of the large primary choir class at the Redhill and Reigate music festival - May 2016 
  • Y2 performed well in the Redhill and Reigate Music Festival and impressed the judges with their confident introduction and well rehearsed actions. (2016)
  • Y2 production of 'The Moon Thieves' was a great success - 5 out of 13 pupil premium children had a speaking role, with one having a lead role. (2016)
  • The Recorder Consort for able musicians played in the R+R Music Festival - both as a group and in the solo sections where one of them won the class.
  • Two Year 6 children were entered into Grade 2 ABSM exam and both were awarded distinction.
  • A child in Year 2 audition and was offered a part in the production of 'Oliver' at Dorking Halls


Art and Design

  • Year 2 were runners up in the Reigate Rotary Club Butterfly competition 2016 



  • Football team – winners of RRPSSA tournament 2015
  • Football team – League runners up 2015
  • Athletics team – second place overall at District Sports 2016


Other bits…

  • Year 2 had a record number of chicks hatch in 2016 with 32!!
  • We recorded our second CD in school and sold copies locally
  • The Friends of Sandcross organised our 'Sounds@Sandcross' music festival
  • Year 6 hosted a very successful Community Tea Party in December
  • We raised over £2000 at our Sponsored Walk
  • We have collected over £3000 for local and National Charities
  • Year 5 & 6 attended a service at our local War Memorial