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General guidance on Uniform and appearance

It is our intention that all children and staff should look smart whilst at school or whilst out in the community when they are representing the school. Full school uniform should be worn at all times as stated above.  Our uniform is currently available from SWOTS in Reigate, although we are currently looking at a range of alternative providers.


All children from Reception and above are required to wear school uniform. Children in EY and KS1 may prefer to have elasticated ties. Velcro shoes are also a good idea until a child is able to tie his or her own laces.


Winter uniform (Oct half term – Easter):

Boys: Long sleeved white shirt, tie, Sandcross v neck jumper, long black school trousers, dark socks, black shoes.

Girls: Long sleeved white shirt, tie, Sandcross v neck jumper, navy skirt, navy tights or white socks, black shoes.


Navy blue pinafore dresses may also be worn, but are likely to be phased out over the next few years.


Summer uniform (Easter – Oct half term):

Boys: Short sleeved or long sleeved white shirt, tie, Sandcross v neck jumper, long black school trousers or short trousers, dark socks, black shoes.

Girls: Long sleeved or short sleeved white shirt, tie, Sandcross v neck jumper, navy skirt, Summer dress, Sandcross Cardigan, navy tights or white socks, black shoes.


In hot weather, teachers may tell children that they are allowed to remove ties, but school ties should always be take home and worn to school each day.


P.E. kit

White Sandcross T-shirt, royal blue shorts, white socks (different to those that have been worn during the day) and clean trainers. Plimsolls are acceptable for P.E. lessons that are not on the field, but they are impractical for sessions on the field where the grass is often wet.

In colder weather, children may also wear royal blue jogging bottoms and royal blue sweatshirts.



Any items of jewellery are worn at the owner’s own risk. The only items of jewellery allowed are as follows:

One watch – which the child must be able to easily remove for P.E. lessons.

One pair of silver or gold stud earrings – to be worn in the earlobe – provided the child is able to quickly and easily remove the earrings themselves for PE lessons. Hooped or shiny decorative earrings are not allowed. Children should bring a small container in which to store earrings safely whilst not wearing them – to be handed to the teacher. It is also a sensible idea for children not to wear earring on days where they know they have PE or swimming timetabled.



Shoulder-length hair should be tied back with a blue or black ‘scrunchy’ or hairband so as not to hamper a child whilst working. Sandcross ones are available.  Hair should be no shorter than a grade 3 (the scalp should not be visible through the hair) and extreme haircuts (including shaved patterns) are not allowed. Hair may also not be dyed extreme or unnatural colours, e.g. pink or blue.


Attendance & Punctuality

Children have a right to attend school and are expected to attend on all school days unless they are ill. Good (green) attendance is regarded as 96% and above, whilst acceptable attendance (yellow) is between 95% and 96%.

Pupils should be in school on time. The pupil gate closes at 8.55 following which children will be marked as late. Learning the importance of good time-keeping and organisation is an important life-skill. Children arriving after 8.55 must enter the school through the main entrance and sign the late-book at reception, to ensure we have a record of their attendance.

In accordance with our attendance policy, holidays in term time will not be authorised and will be recorded as an unauthorised absence. The Educational Welfare Officer may decide to investigate any incidents of unauthorised absence.

Family Support

We aim to signpost parents towards organisations, resources and websites that we feel could support children, families and our wider school community. If you are aware of any resources that we have not featured on this that would be beneficial to members of our school community please do let us know.


Specific Needs

We have a whole range of needs within our school and use a wide range of external services to ensure we are able to offer an inclusive environment for all children. Sometimes the issues children face can impact on family life beyond school. The following links are by no means comprehensive but are organisations that have supported families in local schools.


ADHD together – A resource for parents and teachers to benefit children with ADHD


British Dyslexia Association


Dyslexia Surrey - Local support for children with Dyslexia


Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre


Epilepsy Helpline



Music and Arts Links

Surrey Arts - Music, Dance, Drama & Visual Arts


Surrey Music HubBringing music to every young person in Surrey through learning, training, performing, networking, inspiring and collaborating



Early Years Foundation Stage

 We aim to work with parents to ensure the transition of children from Nursery in to our Reception class is as smooth and effective as possible. The following links to some useful information that you may find useful:


Information for Parents Living Apart

Open Morning Presentation 2016

New Yr 3 Induction Evening, 3rd July 2017