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Marvellous Me

Marvellous Me is a way for teachers at Sandcross to give parents, carers or other family members good news about their child’s achievements.


Marvellous Me messages are always good news – never bad news. They are designed to work on any device including mobile phones where the Marvellous Me App can be downloaded from any App store. If your child has joined Sandcross from a school that previously used the app, then there is no need to sign up again as it should continue to work. There is no option for parents to send a written response which deliberately keeps the system simple and messages sent to you are always short. The only response you can make is to ‘hi-5’ the teacher who sent the message to indicate that you have received and read it.


At Sandcross we have taken the decision that for extra security we will not post photographs or ever use children’s surnames. There is no facility for parents to message each other – it is purely a teacher to parent communication.


Our aim is to get every child and every family using this app, so if you do not currently do so, please do sign up.


More information can be found here:


To log-in, please use the icon on the home page or click on the link below:


If you need a log-in, please contact Janet Ramsay in the school office –