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Meet the Team

Meet our Team of Teachers, Office Staff, Teaching Assistants and Premises Staff.


If you would like to contact our teachers, SLT, Office Staff and Premises Staff, please click on their image and send them an email.



Mrs Thorne

Interim Head


Mrs Jackson

SENDCo, Assistant Head &

Head of Lower School,

Acting Deputy Head

Mr Bates

Assistant Head &

Head of Upper School,

Acting Deputy Head


YEAR 6  

Mrs Watson

Head of Year 6 - 6VW

Mr Crossland

Year 6 Teacher - 6PC


Mrs Young

Year 6 Teacher - 6EY

Mrs Reynolds

Year 6 Teacher - 6HR

Mrs Monnery

Year 6 TA

Mrs Cozens 

Year 6 TA

Mrs Lewes

Year 6 TA

Mrs Ansell

Year 6 TA

Mr Dann 

Year 6 TA



Mrs Ogle

Head of Year 5 - 5CO

Miss Hall

Year 5 Teacher - 5RH

Miss Campbell

Year 5 Teacher - 5LC

Mrs Willcock

Year 5 Teacher - 5SW


Mrs Pervaiz

Year 5 TA

Mrs Ives

Year 5 TA

Mrs Pearson 

ELSA & Year 5 TA




Mr Peacock

Head of Year 4 - 4SP

Miss Coffey

Year 4 Teacher - 4SC

Miss Whitchurch

Year 4 Teacher - 4EW

Miss Warren

Year 4 Teacher - 4AW

Mrs Tams

Year 4 TA

Mrs Myftari

Year 4 TA

Mrs Friend

Year 4 TA

Mrs McLaughlin

Year 4 TA


Miss Sidery

Year 4 TA

Mrs Ellis

Year 4 TA




Miss Macdougall

Head of Year 3 - 3SM

Miss Saben

Year 3 Teacher - 3CS

Mrs King

Year 3 Teacher - 3AK

Mrs Blakley

Year 3 Teacher - 3EB

Mrs Davarias

Year 3 TA

Mrs Good

ELSA & Year 3 TA

Mrs Golding

Year 3 TA

Mrs Cumberlidge

Year 3 TA


Miss Murrell

Year 3 TA

Mrs Cooke

Year 3 TA




Mrs Anders 

Joint Year 2 Teacher - 2AC

& Assistant SENDCo

Mrs Chamberlain 

Joint Year 2 Teacher - 2AC

Miss Christofi

Year 2 Teacher - 2EC

Mrs Joukador

Year 2 Teacher - 2LJ


Mrs Handley

Year 2 TA


Mrs Featherstone

Year 2 TA

Mrs Tylee

Year 2 TA



Miss Holgate

Year 1 Teacher - 1CH


Joint Year 1 Teacher - 1LS

Miss Risby

Joint Year 1 Teacher - 1LS


Miss Gibbs

Year 1 TA

Mrs Griessel

Year 1 TA

Mrs Ayling

Year 1 TA



Miss Allan (Bumblebees)

Reception Teacher & 

Head of Early Years

Miss Beirne (Caterpillars)

Reception Teacher


Mrs Garrod

Reception TA

Mrs Darar

Reception TA

Mrs Rudge 

Reception TA



Mrs Newman

Nursery Teacher (Ladybirds)

Mrs Watts

Nursery Nurse

Miss Papayiannis

Nursery TA


Pupil Premium Team

Mrs Kinsley

Reading Recovery &

Pupil Premium Manager

Mrs Jones

Pupil Premium Teacher

Mrs Martin 

Pupil Premium Teacher

Miss Penfold

Pupil Premium TA



Mrs Marie

Safeguarding and

Pastoral Support Manager

Mrs Brown


Mrs Gatland

Speech & Lang TA


Mrs Turan

PPA Cover- French

Mrs Merritt 

PPA Cover

Mrs Ball



Mrs Knowles


Elliott Steventon

Sports Coach








Mrs Ramsay

Office Manager

Mrs Jones

Office Admin

Mrs Burman

Office Admin

Mrs Shah

Office Admin


Mr Machell

Premises Manager

Ms Lambert

Premises Assistant