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Our Local Committee

School governors (known as Local Committee Members in our Trust) are people who want to make a positive contribution to children’s education.  Local Committee Members & Governors are one of the largest volunteer forces in the country and have an important part to play in raising school standards.  The role of the governing board (Local Committee) is crucial to the effectiveness of a school. (National Governors Association)

The Local Committee Members (LCMs) at Sandcross Primary School are a highly effective, committed group of people who offer support and challenge as part of the effective leadership of the school.  Their role is to oversee the way that the school is run, ensuring that the children get the best education possible and that it fulfils all statutory responsibilities.  



   Membership and Roles of the Local Committee Members


Simon Primmer


Appointed LCM

I hSimon Primmerave been a member of the local committee for over 4 years with both my children attending Sandcross School. I am passionate about the school and the education it provides to our children, ensuring they get the most out of their time at Sandcross and enjoy the experience. During my time with the school, I have seen it grow and evolve into the fantastic place it is today, with high standards, a strong leadership team, amazing teachers and staff.  I have a long history in the financial services sector, working at consultancy firms where I supported Trustee decision making, managed a number of large pension schemes and at a public body ensuring those who needed financial support received the right guidance at the right time. I now work at the Department for Work and Pensions where I steward a national financial guidance service. I hope that my experience along with those of our fantastic committee members benefits the school and the community.



Jo Canneaux         

Vice Chair

Parent elected LCM


I am a parent local committee member and have a daughter at Sandcross School. I work as a Clinical Psychologist in child mental health services and have a special interest in Autism and ADHD.  I am also an author of a number of books in this field.  I am passionate about ensuring every child has the best experience possible at Sandcross school whatever their strengths and challenges.  





Cat Hoad

Appointed LCM


Cat HoadI am so proud to be a member of Sandcross’ Local Committee, where I have the opportunity to share my experiences working outside of the education environment to help the excellent school management team challenge themselves to be the best that they can be.  In my day job, I am a Director at KPMG, currently seconded to run the 100 Group agenda, where I work with the CFOs of the FTSE 100.  I started my career in audit, based in London and working primarily with Global Consumer businesses, but also including a number of years spent living and working in Sydney, Australia and Bangalore, India.  More recently I have worked in Tax Advisory, including a period in Budapest, Hungary and in our Board engagement programs, working with non-executives to help them understand how they can operate at their best, designing and delivering bespoke training and guidance.  I have four children in and on their way into primary school education, and have a passion for travel by bike – whether that’s from home to school every day, or from Budapest to London when we returned to the UK as a family of five in 2019.



Abi Marsh

Parent LCM


Abi MarshI joined the Local Committee as a Parent Member in May 2022. I am a loyal and passionate member of the Sandcross Primary School Community, I have two daughters at the school.  I have been a Parent Class Representative since 2020 and thoroughly enjoys liaising between the school and parents.

Throughout my career, in the charity and public sectors, managing visitor attractions I have had responsibility for operational and strategic leadership of staff and volunteers. I manage large budgets and participate on Boards ensuring successful delivery of complex projects. Key to my  role is engaging and collaborating with stakeholders ensuring their needs and views are represented. 

I am an advocate for the school and use my skills, values and experience to work alongside fellow local committee members to support the Sandcross Leadership Team to achieve their compelling vision.  I am passionately committed to playing my part in providing the best possible education and outcomes for the children.



Ed Rowley

Appointed LCM


Ed RowleyI joined the Sandcross Local Committee in 2019, having moved to Reigate during the previous year and wanting to get more involved in the community. 

In my day job I work in public relations and have previously held a number of roles in government. One of these was working in the communications team at Ofsted, where I first got experience and understanding of the education system and became interested in becoming a school governor. 

During my time on the Local Committee, I’ve come to know many members of the Sandcross team and have been thoroughly impressed by their dedication, hard work and commitment to making sure every child can succeed.  As a Committee member, I hope to play a role in ensuring this continues and that Sandcross remains the fantastic school that it is.



Viktor Gaydov

Appointed LCM


Viktor GaydovI joined the Sandcross Local Committee in 2022 with the ambition of supporting the community and the school. 

I am an accountant by trade, having worked in public services audit at the National Audit Office, where I got first-hand experience in managing public money and the pressures that publicly funded organisations are under. I have since worked in the Finance teams for KFC UK and for, where I have learned best practice in financial management and control. 

As a member of the Local Committee, I have got to know the school and its members, and can see the huge potential and the big ambitions. I look forward to supporting the school in realising those.



Amelia Warren

Staff LCM


I haveAmelia Warren been at Sandcross for four years, teaching in both year three and year four. I am interested in the behind the scenes of the school, how decisions are made and how these are influenced. I currently have the role of leading Pupil Parliament where I can work closely alongside the governors to make Sandcross an even better place. I look forward to learning new skills and being part of the wider school body.



Register of Interests for Academic Year 2022/23 & Attendance 2021/22


Please see the attached document below:

We have also provided a Register of Local Committee Members and an Annual Statement of Issues for your information.


If you have any questions about the Local Committee or would like to get involved please contact the school office.