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Parent View and Parent Voice

At Sandcross Primary School we strongly believe in listening to all our stakeholders. Parents are a crucial part of a child's education and the wider success of our school. There are a number of ways to let us know your thoughts about our school:


Daily Contact

The children are collected from the playground at the start of each day and brought back out at the end of the day. This is a good opportunity to quickly mention something to class teacher relating to your child or the school. There will also usually be a member of the Senior Leadership Team near the Pupil’s entrance at the start and / or end of the day.


Make an appointment

Sometimes you may wish to discuss an issue in more depth and we would ask you to either talk directly to your child's class teacher to arrange an appointment or e-mail them to arrange a suitable time to come in.



All teachers’ e-mail addresses are available in the ‘About us – Meet the team’ section of the school website. Please allow 24 hours for teachers to respond to e-mails.


Parent Meetings

We hold several meetings for parents each year.

In September there will be a year group curriculum meeting, where you will be given information relating to your child’s learning as well as any other organisational pieces of information you might need. There is a chance here to ask any general questions, or if you prefer you can ask your child’s class teacher any more specific questions at the end of the meeting.


Later in the Autumn term and also in the Spring term, there are individual ten minute parent consultation meetings for you to receive an update on how your child is progressing. The school closes early on these days to allow parents to choose a time.


In the summer term, parents will receive an annual written report. Should you wish to meet with your child’s teacher to discuss this further, then an appointment can be made to do so.


There is also our Summer Celebration evening in July, when parents and children can come to see their child’s work as well as view work around the school. There is also an opportunity to meet your child’s new teacher for the following academic year.  We are always happy to receive any feedback or parents’ views at any of these meetings.


Annual Parent Surveys

We carry out parental surveys twice a year to gauge parental opinion on the broader aspects of our school and assimilate these views in to our school development plan.  


Please see below for the results of our most recent parents' survey.


What have we done as a result?

What we have done as a result of 2017 feedback:

  • Some Y3 parents commented that if their child had just joined Sandcross it was difficult to complete parts of the survey. This is why we currently don’t survey Reception parents at this point in the year and is a very valid point. As a result we will change our survey to fit in with either the autumn or spring term parent meetings as we find asking people to complete a survey whilst already at the school is often the best way to achieve a high response level.
  • Several parents said they would like a more regular idea of how well their child was progressing. They valued the information that was given but wanted more regular updates in some way. This has to be manageable for staff but is an area we will be looking at.
  • As is often the case with questions around Home Learning, some parents commented that it was too hard and some too easy; some that too much was given and some not enough. Some also clearly did not understand the rationale behind the creative tasks, so this will be addressed through a newsletter.
  • Some asked if school trip forms and clubs forms could be sent via parentmail as well as being added to the website. We’ll endeavour to make sure both is done.
  • There were some misconceptions about expectations for spelling home-learning as well as the thinking behind the way in which it is organised. We are coincidentally already reviewing elements of our spelling program and there will be more information on this at the start of 2018.
  • Some asked if we could do a daily (or weekly) mile? We would love to incorporate something like this if possible although there is already huge pressure on the timetable. Our PE team will be considering if this is possible in any way.


Parent View

Ofsted have their own communication tool which allows parents to record their views about a school. Please find a link to this website below.