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Snow and Bad Weather

As a school we believe in keeping the school open whenever possible to ensure the continuum of education for the children. However, on occasions the weather or other unusual circumstances may dictate that we must close the school in order to maintain the safety of the pupils and staff. We hope this page will be of use to keep people informed of how we will deal with such unforeseen events.


Bad Weather Action Plan:

In the event of bad weather (usually heavy snow) we will make a decision on whether the school will open or close as quickly as possible, taking into account the current weather conditions, the forecast for the rest of the day, the condition of the roads around the school and the level of staffing we are able to provide. We also have to ensure that we can provide a meal for the children.


If the school is to be closed for the day, we will put a scrolling message on the home page of our website as soon as possible and by 7.30 am at the latest.


We will also ParentMail all parents.


Further information is available at:


Updates will be posted here in due course when applicable.