Sandcross Primary School

Inspiring Lifelong Success

Sports Leaders

12 children from Year 5 & 6 have been selected to train as Sports Leaders for the school.


On Wednesday 12th October, the training began and below is a report from 3 of the girls.


We are sports leaders and on Wednesday 12th October, we participated in sports crew training.  There, we learnt team building exercises to help the children of Sandcross build their confidence in sport on the playground.


We learnt how to set up fun games and how to include everybody and make sure that they enjoy the activities.  These games include: 'Splat', 'Fruit Salad' and our favourite, 'Rats & Rabbits'.


Caitlin said "I enjoyed the run XC!"  This will soon be brought to Sandcross!  The run XC is an obstacle course involving jumping over hurdles and zig-zagging through slaloms.  


"I liked being a sports leader because I made people happy and got people involved in things that they had never done before!" said Francesca.


Chloe commented "Today was great!  We got to learn so much  and I am looking forward to helping people with games on the playground".


We have all enjoyed practising to be sports leaders and hopefully encourage the Sandcross students to become passionate towards sports.


Report by Caitlin, Francesca & Chloe, all in Yr 6.