Sandcross Primary School

Inspiring Lifelong Success

Internal and External Clubs

Internal clubs are clubs run by school staff. Most of these clubs are run by two members of staff – sometimes more if the club has more children.

These clubs have a nominal charge per child to attend for the eight weeks, which helps cover things like equipment, sports kit, travel expenses and consumable items. School council and athletics clubs do not have a charge as they are for elected or invited children only.


External clubs are run by staff who do not work at Sandcross. Many of these providers have skills and equipment that the school does not possess allowing us to offer a wider range of clubs. These providers are carefully vetted and go through the same safeguarding measures as any other volunteer in school. They are free to charge whatever rate they decide on – although we do ask them to fit in with the same eight week pattern as other clubs.


Occasionally some clubs might start slightly earlier or finish slightly later each term but for simplicity we try to avoid this. This is sometimes the case for choir as they have many performances to rehearse for, some of which are very early or very late in the term.


Clubs are never cancelled – that way you can always be safe in the knowledge that there will not be any communication break-downs on days when the weather is showery. If a club is not taking place due to bad weather, the children will be looked after in the school by the usual club leaders. In this case, parents may collect their child early but they must speak to a member of staff who runs the club before taking their child.


All children are collected after clubs on the main playground. Please be on time to collect your child.