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Who to Contact and When

If you need to contact us then please feel free to do so. Class teachers are able to answer most questions and sort out most issues quickly. If you need a very brief word you may be able to catch class teachers at the end of the day, but please be aware that have the safe handover of children to oversee, following which they often have meetings to attend or clubs to run.


All teachers are available via e-mail. To access staff e-mails, please visit the ‘About us – Meet the team’ part of the website and click on the photo of the staff member you would like to e-mail to see their e-mail address.  If the class teacher cannot answer your question or sort out your problem, then the Head of Year is usually the next person to contact.


Head of Early Years: Miss Allan –

KS1 Leader (Years 1&2): C/O Mrs Jackson -

Head of Year 3: Mrs MacDougall -

Head of Year 4: Mr Peacock -

Head of Year 5: Mrs Ogle -

Head of Year 6: Mrs Watson -


If you have more specific queries or you have a problem that has still failed to be resolved, then please contact the relevant member of the Leadership team below, or the main School office on 01737 245467, or


English Leader: Mrs Watson -

Maths Leader: Mrs Reynolds –

Pupil Progress and Achievement – Richard Bates (Assistant Head)

Special Educational Needs or Disabilities – Jo Murdoch

Inclusion or Behaviour – Deborah Jackson (Assistant Head)

Finance or payments – Sue Aspinwall

Head Teacher – Mark Richards