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At Sandcross Primary School we strongly believe in listening to all our stakeholders. Parents are a crucial part of a child's education and the wider success of our school. There are a number of ways to let us know your thoughts about our school:


Daily Contact

The children are collected from the playground at the start of each day and brought back out at the end of the day. This is a good opportunity to quickly mention something to class teacher relating to your child or the school. There will also usually be a member of the Senior Leadership Team near the Pupil’s entrance at the start and / or end of the day.


Make an appointment

Sometimes you may wish to discuss an issue in more depth and we would ask you to either talk directly to your child's class teacher to arrange an appointment or e-mail them to arrange a suitable time to come in.



Please email the office if you are unable to speak to a member of staff.

We kindly ask that any emails are directed to the office and matters can then be dealt with via our admin team. We strongly advice parents against emailing teachers to ensure their time is spent creating and delivering the best possible lessons for your children. Thank you for your understanding.


Parent Meetings

We hold several meetings for parents each year.

In September there will be a year group curriculum meeting, where you will be given information relating to your child’s learning as well as any other organisational pieces of information you might need. There is a chance here to ask any general questions, or if you prefer you can ask your child’s class teacher any more specific questions at the end of the meeting.


Later in the Autumn term and also in the Summer term, there are individual ten minute parent consultation meetings for you to receive an update on how your child is progressing.


The week after academic reports are given out, parents consultation meetings will take place. These meetings allow teachers and parents to work in partnership and agree on the child’s next steps in learning.



Parent View

Ofsted have their own communication tool which allows parents to record their views about a school. Please find a link to this website below.

Parent feedback November 2021

Here are some comments from our parents after a recent questionnaire.

Our question asked was: 'What's going well at Sandcross? 



Overall a great school experience so far.

Communication is excellent and children’s well being .

Good standard of education maintained throughout lockdowns


Very responsive and adaptable to 2020/2021 changes. Well done!

The teaching and leadership and living the values

My child is happy , that’s what’s going well

The team seem to be dedicated to the school

I definitely feel this year has been much better!!

Everything, considering the current climate. The school have been fantastic throughout the pandemic - remote learning was excellent.

Sandcross has adapted incredibly well to the challenges of the last 18 months and continues to improve the offering for the children despite the challenges. I really can't fault the school. Communication is fantastic, teaching staff are excellent.

Great teacher this year. Solid rules re.Covid

everything, we love sandcross

The Leadership team are excellent at Sandcross and the changes made over the past year have been welcomed. Any concerns we have raised have been dealt with quickly and appropriately. As parents, we feel part of the whole process and well informed and would recommend Sandcross to anyone hoping to secure a place for their child.

I feel my son has really progressed even considering all the changes with covid. It's an exciting, fun & supportive learning community.

You have all been amazing during the pandemic keeping the children engaged & creative in teaching styles/ lesson delivery.

Leadership and staff. Also we have a very helpful school office.

Everything - it is a truely amazing school, well led with a fantastic team of talented teachers and support staff. It celebrates the successes, it brings positivity and through these toughest of times the teachers, the staff and the children have it appears supported each other and made each other smile. What more could a parent want.

quick reaction and adaptation specially now during the pandemic, well organised, very friendly staff and helpful

The school has strong clear leadership and communication has improved massively since my children joined 3 years ago. The online learning provisions offered whilst in lockdown were amazing with live lessons helping to keep children engaged. The TA’s offer outstanding support, particularly whilst in lockdown, with both my children continuing to learn and make leaps in progression whilst attending school in lockdown.

My child is happy

My child is happy and making progress

My child having good routine and being happy in a safe environment, she is able to tell staff members if she’s worried or concerned about anything

Everything! It a wonderful school and I’m so pleased my children are here!

My child is progressing well despite his anxiety and absences.

Managing the Covid mess

Online learning has been outstanding and the organisation behind this has been amazing.

I think sandcross as a whole manages everything amazingly, despite woeful resources.

The way the school has dealt with all the challenges over the past year with covid and the support for the children has been amazing.

The communication is amazing

Really impressed with the way the school has used technology to adapt to the changing situation/ climate covid has imposed on us all. Really impressed with the recent sports day and increase in sports. Given lots of children missed out on exercise during lockdown.

Children know what is expected.

Lovely sense of community and very welcoming. The school is always looking to improve opportunities and facilities for the children and makes learning fun.

It’s an amazing school and our boys are really happy there.

The improvements being made and the excellent way the pandemic has been managed. A huge well done to all the team.

I feel my child will get the extra support he needs .

Always improving the way you teach and giving the children great opportunities

Managing during the pandemic

Curriculum, drivers, well-being team, extra curricular activities, online platforms to support learning eg reading eggs etc, communication.

Fabulous leadership and teaching. Always changing things to make sure inspire and interested topics for the children.

Really welcoming school and lots of changes for the better since Mr Richards joined.

Good communication with parents, great values, foresight and planning of online delivery during pandemic was impressive.

Support for the children.

You have adapted so well to all of the challenges over the last 2 school years. Couldn't ask for anything more really!

All three children very happy and enjoy going to school. Their teachers care for them well and the office staff are great. They enjoy lessons and the clubs on offer. Yr 4 child well supported in class.

Great staff and I believe great leadership

Communication, excellent teaching, great intervention when needed.

The way the school adapts to ever changing situations out of their control such as covid

My child's learning has come on very well and I'm very impressed with the how the school has managed the pandemic and added clubs, Harmony club etc. Fantastic opportunities for the children. Mr Richards seems incredibly knowledgeable and involved in what children/parents want and need

much improved club bookings and great cashless system - very good online forms/questionnaire systems - much improved digital communications

The new head has helped, Covid has not!

The presence of the Head is always lovely to see!

Literally cannot fault you, you’re all doing an amazing job from the office, headmaster, teachers and support staff! So happy our children go to such a great school, thank you all.


Everything, you’re all doing a fantastic job!

Excellent leadership and it really shows all the way throughout the school. The way lockdown has been handled has been been nothing short of amazing, and I'm so appreciative of how hard the school has worked to keep things going for our children. I really like how the school are always looking for better ways to teach. You don't flog the same old horse trying to make it fit. It is clear to see that the school has an evolving vision with children at the heart of everything. Every member of Sandcross makes a difference to our children's lives and as a family we are proud to be part of this wonderful school community. Thank you for everything that you do for my children and all of the children at Sandcross.

Excellent leadership

New leadership, children at centre

Newsletters, communication by text

My daughter says everything, we hare v happy with the school

Fantastic Leadership

Comms, brilliant that head and deputy teachers always at school gate and approachable. Teachers are all amazing and clearly love their jobs! School have dealt with home schooling brilliantly, provision of chrome books etc and that's children using them regularly in classroom so used to using them if home schooled. , there seems as though there is improved " team work" within the staff and greater consistency / systems across everything. The extra pe lesson very important to get the children out and active - good for fitness and mind. Children are motivated and inspired. After school clubs are great.

Ability to react quickly to change and implement new processes. Great sense of school community. Really pleased with the increase in sports/PE

New head, stronger leader

Communication is really good, teachers are amazing, school is so well organized, children are always happy to go to school.

Listening and good communication

Communication, managing covid, community spirit amongst parents (in my 2 WhatsApp groups for school anyway), leadership, planning, resilience from everyone despite the circumstances

Mrs Auton. She’s a lovely teacher who steps up and deals with any situations that arise. She’s got a focus on providing the best outcomes for the children and works well with the parents

Welcoming when walking into school and office staff members are always helpful.

Use of chrome books to support learning. Clubs, trips being able to go ahead.

Content of lessons and variety

Learning is fun and structured

The improvement of communication, different events

Strong leadership and great teachers.

Chromebooks.for everyone is amazing. and leadership presence has been very good.

Both my children have received the highest standard of education and personal development that I could possibly have wished for from Sandcross School. I would like to single out Mr Bates, Miss Kinersley and Val Watson.

It is apparent how much the children are cared for.

My daughter has really enjoyed the recent social events of sports day and her first school trip

Nothing as it stands. If I could get my son into another school I would take him out instantly

My daughter has had some difficulties, but I feel that the teacher and staff understand her and are doing what they can. There has been good communication.

Everything they have tried to do during this difficult time has been excellent in order to keep providing our children a good level of education

Children’s put first / early morning tuition

Rachel has good relationships with staff and feels happy and listened to

Amazing teaching staff

chrome books

transition to home schooling and the organisation behind for home schooling

times table certificates - they give the children a great goal to aim for

And again fab teaching staff for 2CS!

Sandcross have worked well to adapt with the restrictions of covid.

Crome books, new p.e teams,

A wonderful school being run very well. A good balance between academics & mental health. Instilling great morals, values & sense of community among kids. Ensuring the kids love learning & are happy. Great teachers, thank you to all of you.

My son is going from strength to strength. He's happy and confident and loves going to school.

Teachers have adapted well to teaching online

Amazing teachers in Miss Evans and Miss McConnell. Very impressed with Mr Richards leadership

Lovely and welcoming atmosphere, children are eager to go to school, caring staff, interesting topics, good offer on sports clubs

All is good!

Very inclusive


The well-being of my child has clearly been a priority this year and has been very much appreciated. A great open door policy- Mrs Auton has always been friendly and approachable, as has Mrs Golding. The new English scheme has helped extend my child’s vocabulary.

Having the SLT presence on the gate each day creates such a positive vibe for the school. All have always been friendly, approachable and helpful. This also goes for the office team, whether on the telephone or in person.

Strong friendship groups. Progress in learning.


Sports and clubs on offer.

The push for reading