Sandcross Primary School

Inspiring Lifelong Success

Visions and Values

Our Vision: 


We believe every child has the right to be a successful and confident citizen who is able to make a contribution to the world they live in. Our curriculum is designed to challenge, develop and nurture the ‘Whole Child’; we therefore aim to ‘Inspire Lifelong Success’. 

Our School Values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin everything from our behaviour, teaching and learning to the very conversations we have.  


Our Four School Values: 

  • Respect 
  • Responsibility 
  • Resilience 
  • Kindness 


Values underpinning everything

  • Everyone is valued
  • High expectations
  • Growth mindset
  • High quality Teaching, Learning and Support
  • All children can succeed regardless of background, given the right provision
  • Learning is exciting and a challenging experience
  • Well rounded individuals 
  • Secondary ready
  • Recognised as a centre of excellence for learning


Our Aims: 



To build on our good reputation for 

  1. Our strong school Ethos 
  2. High standards of social, emotional, academic, creative & physical achievements 
  3. Delivering stimulating and high-quality teaching and learning 
  4. Being a welcoming and caring school community 


By providing 

  1. A safe and happy school where children are listened to and their contributions valued 
  2. A school where children have a positive and successful learning experience where values underpin all the work from children, staff and parents  
  3. An inclusive school, which celebrates diversity and is accessible to all 
  4. A school that promotes excellent behaviour, where bullying, racism & sexual harassment are not tolerated.  


By encouraging children to 

  1. Do their best through praise and celebration of effort & achievement 
  2. Have respect for themselves, others and the world in which they live 
  3. Work independently and to be effective communicators 
  4. Strive for excellence 
  5. Have a growth mindset  


By ensuring our leavers take with them 

  1. The desire, curiosity, confidence & skills to continue learning 
  2. Friendships and the ability to form positive relationships 
  3. A knowledge & understanding of the world 
  4. Happy memories, ambitions and dreams 


By having effective partnership with 

  1. The local community 
  2. Our feeder schools to ensure continuity and progression 
  3. All parents/carers, to support each child’s learning